Up-cycled Denim Tote Bag

Global warming has cost icebergs disappearing rapidly. Polar Bears are forced to swim farther to hunt for food. Very often they are exhausted and die of drowning. 

Do you know that each clothing being re-used could save 4.2kg carbon emission? This tote bag made from recycled denim might just help preventing global warming. So why don’t you give the polar bear a hand?

Made from Recycled Denim

The previous version tote bag was made from cotton. However it consumes lots of pesticide while growing non-organic cotton.

This improved tote bag is made by “Carpenter’s House Association” in Taoyuan. They hire local unemployed middle-age women to collect recycled denim jeans, then clean, disassemble, and sew them into these tote bags.

Use this up-cycled denim tote bag instead of disposable plastic bag can reduce your carbon footprint and save the polar bear.

*Recycled denim are used fabric in different color, thickness, and texture . Each bag is not the same and one and only.

Up-cycled & Locally Made